Child Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys In Milwaukee

Child sex crime charges are some of most inflammatory charges in the criminal justice system. The public and juries view these crimes as particularly heinous and grant little mercy to the accused. If convicted, a person can complete a prison sentence and then is forced to register as a child sex offender and may not be allowed to live in certain areas or hold some types of jobs. What is worse, many allegations are false.

If you were accused or charged with committing a sex crime against a child, you need an experienced defense attorney on your side. At Buting, Williams & Stilling, S.C. , we represent people throughout the state of Wisconsin who face child sex crime penalties. We have nearly 30 years of experience providing aggressive defense for our clients. We are committed to achieving the best possible results.

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Our firm handles the defense for people charged with sexual offenses involving:

  • Inappropriate touching
  • Statutory rape
  • Child pornography
  • Soliciting a minor over the internet
  • Consensual - but illegal - sex with a minor
  • Sexual assault of a minor
  • And other child sex crimes

Skilled At Questioning Children And Teens

People charged with child sex crimes are wrongfully convicted, more than individuals in any other crime. This is true because it is often the accuser's word against our clients' word, and everyone wants to believe a child. At Buting, Williams & Stilling, S.C., we understand that questioning a child or teen for accuracy in a sex crime case takes careful planning and extreme sensitivity. Our lawyers have developed precise techniques when cross examining a child. We question ambiguous statements made by the accuser. We also work to raise reasonable doubt about the accusation if the child changed his or her story.

Many accusations may be encouraged or promoted by parents of young children or teens. We have become skilled at discovering the motive behind their testimony by asking the right questions that get a child or teen to speak accurately about their experience.

If you have been charged with a child sex crime, contact Buting, Williams & Stilling, S.C., and schedule a free initial consultation.