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March 2017 Archives

‘Ghost apps’ and the challenges they pose for parents

What a child does on their smartphone can have major ramifications that could stick with a child for a very long time. It could impact a child’s school-life, and even have impacts on things such as their future education and employment prospects. Some types of conduct could even put a child into criminal proceedings. For example, here in Wisconsin, being accused of sexting could expose a child to criminal charges.

Could new treatment programs be on the way in Wisconsin?

What drug/alcohol treatment programs are available in the state’s criminal justice system can have big impacts on individuals accused of drug or alcohol-related crimes here in Wisconsin. It could have impacts on what options they have for trying to reduce the punishments they could end up facing and the negative impacts their situation could have on their life. It also could have impacts on how able those that are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction are to get the treatment they need to get their life back to where they want it to be.

Post-conviction DNA testing in Wisconsin

Following being convicted of a crime, there are various actions a person may be able to take to try to challenge the conviction. These could include actions related to DNA evidence. For example, in some instances, a convicted individual might request that DNA testing be done on evidence that was not previously tested or had previously been tested with methods less accurate than currently available ones.

Charges of maintaining a drug place in Wisconsin

Certain allegations can put the owner of a property in a very serious situation. Among these are accusations of drug activity occurring on their property. Such allegations could leave a property owner facing drug charges, such as the charge of maintaining a drug place.

First-time Wisconsin OWIs: Not criminal offenses, but still very impactful

Not all operating while intoxicated offenses here in Wisconsin fall under the classification of a criminal offense. Rather, under current state law, first offenses of OWI are generally noncriminal violations.

A Questionable Police Interrogation Technique Is Going Out Of Favor

You may not know the Reid Method of police interrogation by name, but there is a good chance you are familiar with it through the depiction of police questioning in movies and on television.

Wisconsin’s online sex offender registry gets lots of traffic

Here in Wisconsin, being required to register as a sex offender has many implications. Among these is that a person’s status as a registered sex offender and other information on them is put up on publicly-accessible online resources provided by the state.

Stakes particularly high in armed robbery cases

Robbery is a felony offense in Wisconsin. So, facing robbery allegations in the state has the potential to have all kinds of major life impacts on a person. The situation can take on an even higher level of seriousness if they are accused of armed robbery.

Social media restrictions on sex offenders

Social media can play a big role in an individual’s life. And this isn’t just limited to their personal life, but can extend to their professional life. A person’s social media presence can play a big role in them crafting their professional image. Also, some jobs might require a person to use social media.

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