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April 2017 Archives

DOJ Eliminates Committee Charged with Monitoring Validity of Forensic Evidence

There is no debating that forensic science plays an important role in the criminal justice system. One assumes there also would be little debate over the position that, when forensic science is used to convict people of crimes in the United States, that science should be precise and believable.

Drug testing scandal leads to massive conviction dismissal

Among the things that can call into question whether a given criminal conviction was appropriate is the discovery of problems with the drug testing of evidence in the case. One of the things that could compromise the accuracy of the results of such testing is intentional misconduct by the lab workers performing such testing.

Drunk driving accusations and traffic crashes

Sometimes, after a traffic crash, a driver ends up facing accusations of wrongdoing. One such allegation that can be very serious is being accused of having been drunk at the time of the accident. It can be especially serious if another person was injured in the crash.

DNA evidence hasn’t made wrongful convictions a thing of the past

One would hope that a person would never be subjected to being convicted of a crime they didn’t commit. Unfortunately, wrongful convictions sometimes happen. A variety of things could lead to an innocent person being found guilty, including: false confessions, inaccurate eyewitness testimony, unreliable evidence or trial errors.

The right to confront: When does it apply?

When it comes to criminal proceedings, public attention is mostly focused on trials. However, it is important to remember that such proceedings consist of far more than a trial. There are all kinds of important hearings and processes such proceedings involve prior to a trial. What happens during these hearings and processes can have considerable impacts on a person who has been accused of a crime.

The concerns over police drone use

Drone technology has developed significantly in recent years, with many organizations starting to use or look into using drones in their operations. This includes some police departments. When police start using a new technology in their law enforcement efforts, concerns and issues can come up regarding various aspects of how police use the technology.

Recent set of crime bills includes bills on juvenile imprisonment

Being incarcerated has major impacts on a person’s life. It can have especially big implications for a juvenile. So, among the big concerns a parent can have when their teen has been accused of a crime is whether their teen could face imprisonment.

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