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Could new treatment programs be on the way in Wisconsin?

What drug/alcohol treatment programs are available in the state’s criminal justice system can have big impacts on individuals accused of drug or alcohol-related crimes here in Wisconsin. It could have impacts on what options they have for trying to reduce the punishments they could end up facing and the negative impacts their situation could have on their life. It also could have impacts on how able those that are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction are to get the treatment they need to get their life back to where they want it to be.

Post-conviction DNA testing in Wisconsin

Following being convicted of a crime, there are various actions a person may be able to take to try to challenge the conviction. These could include actions related to DNA evidence. For example, in some instances, a convicted individual might request that DNA testing be done on evidence that was not previously tested or had previously been tested with methods less accurate than currently available ones.

Stakes particularly high in armed robbery cases

Robbery is a felony offense in Wisconsin. So, facing robbery allegations in the state has the potential to have all kinds of major life impacts on a person. The situation can take on an even higher level of seriousness if they are accused of armed robbery.

Lawsuit regarding police stops brought against Milwaukee

A police stop is when a police officer stops a person to investigate potential criminal activity. Sometimes, frisks or other searches come out of such stops. One would hope that police would only use such stops in a way that is respectful of people’s rights and which stays within the bounds of the U.S. Constitution. A recent class-action lawsuit alleges that police in Milwaukee have crossed the line when it comes to their use of police stops.

Sometimes, faulty DNA testing strikes in criminal cases

DNA evidence can be a big factor in a wide range of different criminal cases. Now, DNA evidence, just like other types evidence, is not immune to being flawed or inaccurate. There are various things that could throw the accuracy of DNA evidence off. One is if the testing of such evidence isn’t handled right by a DNA lab.

What is the “Len Bias Law”?

Being accused of distributing drugs here in Wisconsin can expose a person to all kinds of serious consequences. The potential consequences can be considerably larger if it is alleged that the drugs the person was accused of distributing resulted in an overdose death. This is because of something called the “Len Bias Law.”

State standards on use of force policies being proposed

There are many different policies that can be present at a law enforcement agency. Among these are policies on the use of force. A pair of proposals expected to soon be brought before Wisconsin lawmakers aims to add some state standards when it comes to such policies at police departments in the state.

Changes to asset forfeiture laws being considered in Wisconsin

Being accused of a crime can have all kinds of impacts on a person. Criminal charges and the possibility of facing major criminal punishments are not the only potentially life-changing things such allegations can expose a person to here in Wisconsin. For one, they also could potentially expose one to civil asset forfeiture.

Facing racism in Wisconsin's criminal justice system

America has suffered racial divides at nearly every level of society for hundreds of years. From education to jobs to the right to vote, equality has been difficult to achieve for a nation that prides itself on Democracy and fairness. Perhaps that most glaring problems have occurred in the criminal justice system, where African-Americans are consistently handed down harsher sentences than their white counterparts for the same offenses.

Americans' support for capital punishment continues to decline

A recent New York Times editorial notes that Americans are increasingly speaking out against the death penalty. In the article, the editorial board makes one of the keenest observations about the why the death penalty may be headed for the dustbin.

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