Using And Challenging DNA Evidence In Wisconsin

DNA evidence could link you to a crime or it could prove your innocence. Cases such as homicide and sexual assault often hinge on DNA evidence. You simply cannot afford to trust your defense to an attorney who lacks comprehensive knowledge about DNA evidence and the proper handling of DNA samples.

Buting, Williams & Stilling, S.C., has offices in Brookfield and Glendale, Wisconsin, and serves clients throughout the area, including those in Waukesha. We understand how to use and challenge DNA evidence effectively. We will fight to have your case retried or dismissed, depending on the specific circumstances. Do not hesitate to call us at 262-923-8761 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Challenging DNA Evidence Is Vital To Many Defense Strategies

Some lawyers do not understand how to use DNA effectively in a case. They assume that apparently incriminating DNA evidence is valid and do not challenge the test findings. At our firm, the attorneys know that DNA evidence is not always accurate. The sample may have been contaminated by the police or in the lab. Samples of bone, teeth and hair shafts do not always provide conclusive evidence.

We examine the chain of custody, lab notes, computer printouts, testing reports and other documents to determine if the DNA evidence is acceptable or if we should file a motion to suppress. In some cases, the charges against our client will be dropped and the case dismissed, if we are successful at challenging the DNA evidence.

Attorney Jerome Buting is widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable defense attorneys in the science of DNA and frequently lectures on the topic.

Using DNA To Acquit Our Clients

DNA testing technology was nonexistent many years ago. As a result, some people accused of crimes have spent years in prison despite their innocence. Our firm knows how to look for and use DNA evidence to acquit innocent persons. In one of our cases, DNA evidence allowed a new trial for a person convicted more than 25 years ago.

To learn more about how we can challenge DNA or demand DNA testing to help your case, contact us for a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney.