Drug Defense Attorney For Clients In Communities Throughout Wisconsin

Drug or narcotics charges like possession and distribution can have long-term repercussions on your life. At Buting, Williams & Stilling, S.C. . in Brookfield and Glendale, Wisconsin, we defend people throughout Wisconsin against serious drug offense charges. To speak to someone about your case, contact us for a free initial consultation.

A conviction of drug or narcotic offenses can result in serious criminal consequences like prison or jail time, probation, fines and mandatory treatment. In addition, a drug offense conviction may affect your future employment, schooling and ability to obtain financial aid for college. You need experienced lawyers who know how to handle a drug charge to minimize or eliminate these serious consequences.

For nearly 30 years, our attorneys have represented people in and around the Waukesha area in state and federal court facing charges of:

  • Drug possession
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Conspiracy

Often the first step in the defense of a drug case is to evaluate whether the law enforcement agents involved violated the defendant's constitutional rights. The Fourth Amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures and a complex body of law has developed which sets forth just what is proper and what is not when a law enforcement officer stops, detains, questions and searches an individual. If a court finds the officer violated the defendant's rights, the evidence found and seized by the officer can be thrown out and may not be used to obtain a conviction.

Drug charges are very fact specific, meaning that one or two facts could mean the difference between a conviction or a dismissal of all charges. In part, this is because many reported appellate cases have focused on small factual differences to distinguish one case from another in deciding whether an individual's rights were violated by the police in a particular case.

Our attorneys carefully review all law enforcement reports and statements of witnesses interviewed by the law enforcement agents or an independent private investigator to develop the facts that can make a difference in each case. Our attorneys know the law of searches and seizures and we keep up with the ever-changing developments in this particular field of criminal law. We will spend the time necessary to thoroughly research the law to determine whether a motion to suppress evidence is appropriate in your case.

If you have been charged with or investigated for committing a drug offense, contact Buting, Williams & Stilling, S.C. to schedule a free initial consultation.