Internet Sex Crime Charges In Wisconsin

The majority of Internet crimes involve allegations related to children (or undercover police officers posing as children) and sex. As Internet use increases, so do prosecutions related to Internet crimes, like solicitation of a minor, child pornography or even identity theft. At Buting, Williams & Stilling, S.C., in Brookfield and Glendale, Wisconsin, we defend people throughout Wisconsin who have been charged with or convicted of Internet crimes.

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Police increasingly use Internet chat room sting operations to ensnare unsuspecting individuals. Some are unfairly targeted persons who would not otherwise have become involved in child pornography or attempted child sexual contact. Such persons may have a defense if they satisfy the legal requirements of "entrapment". Others may be guilty of some wrongdoing, but perhaps not the specific and more serious charge they face. If you have been charged or convicted of an Internet crime please contact us.

Since 1993, our firm has been defending people throughout Wisconsin in cases involving Internet crimes and sex offenses such as:

Conviction of an Internet sex crime carries some of the same penalties as a non-Internet-related sex crime such as registration on the sex offender registry, sexual offender treatment and probation. Even those lucky enough to avoid any jail or prison time may face the strict rules of specialized sex offender probation, which can severely limit your job, residence and daily activities. If you are convicted, our Milwaukee Internet sex crimes defense lawyers will direct you to the right treatment professionals and services and help guide you through all the rules and changes you will face to minimize the impact on your life.

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