Was Your Juvenile Charged With A Crime?

Has your child made a mistake and gotten in trouble with the law? Recent medical and other scientific research on juvenile development has confirmed that children lack the maturity and judgment to avoid risky behavior. Unfortunately, there can be long-lasting consequences to their impulsive decisions. Do not let a simple lapse in judgment affect the rest of your child's life. Find out how to defend your child against criminal charges by contacting Buting, Williams & Stilling, S.C. in Brookfield and Glendale, Wisconsin, for a free initial consultation with an experienced juvenile defense attorney.

The attorneys in our firm defend juveniles throughout Wisconsin against serious criminal charges. Before making any statements to the police or to a social worker, you need to understand your child's options. Our experienced juvenile defense lawyers can defend your child against charges of:

The consequences faced by a juvenile convicted of a crime can affect his or her entire life. It is crucial to speak with an experienced juvenile defense lawyer who understands the importance of minimizing the long-term consequences that a conviction can have on your child's life.

To learn more about your child's case, contact Buting, Williams & Stilling, S.C. for a free initial consultation.