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Drug trafficking gets Wisconsin man 18 years in federal prison

Drug trafficking in Wisconsin is targeted by authorities in an attempt to control the presence and sale of illegal drugs in the state. Many people involved in the distribution and sale of drugs come from broken homes. Some are almost forced into a life on the streets, and often make some bad decisions along the way.

When a person is accused of trafficking drugs or possession with intent to sell, those pursuing him or her see only an individual they suspect of breaking the law. Whatever the reasons are that a person gets caught up in the drug culture, the penalties can be severe and life-changing.

A 34-year-old Wisconsin man was sentenced to 18 years in the federal penitentiary for the sale of more than two pounds of crack cocaine. Authorities claim the man obtained a steady supply of crack and recruited his brother to help him between 2006 and October 2010. They say he arranged sales and set prices in one of the largest crack rings in the Madison area.

Because of the amount of crack sold, the man qualified for the mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years, but the judge tacked on another eight years. He could have received 24 years in jail for the offenses.

The defendant's lawyer argued for the minimum 10-year-sentence, stating the prosecution exaggerated the defendant's position as the leader for the drug ring.

Police also indicated that the defendant previously alluded to his involvement with drugs during a traffic stop in 2006. The police did not act on his remark at that time.

Life for the defendant had never been easy. The man never had a father figure in his life because of his dad's death when the defendant was barely 3 years old. His mother spent her time and money using crack. A life on the streets seemed to be his destiny. Now, unfortunately, his destiny for the immediate future will be prison.

Allegations of drug trafficking or possession with intent to sell drugs, at the state or federal level, are treated seriously in Wisconsin. The mere accusation can alter a person's life. The individual will need to focus attention on preparing a vigorous defense, as the potential penalties for conviction are substantial. Drug laws can be confusing and those accused at times fee like pawns in a system set against them. An attorney who has experience handling drug charges may offer support at a time when such an individual needs all the help he or she can get.

Source: Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune, "Man sent to prison for role in crack ring," Kevin Murphy, July 20, 2011

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