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Posts tagged "Internet Crimes"

Supreme Court declines cases defining computer system hacking

Under the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, it's a criminal act to intentionally access a computer or computer system without authorization. The law also allows victims of unauthorized access to sue for damages. In the modern world of the internet and social media, the definition of "unauthorized" has become contentious, however.

When a juvenile is accused of unlawfully misusing email

Kids have access to all kinds of channels of computer communication in today’s world. This includes email and messaging services. How a child ends up using such channels can have significant ramifications for them. For example, if a juvenile here in Wisconsin is accused of having sent out threatening or harassing emails or digital messages, they could face charges in the state.

Wisconsin internet sting operation leads to three arrests

Police in Wisconsin sometimes turn to undercover operations in their law enforcement efforts. When it comes to sex crime enforcement, one type of undercover operation authorities sometimes use are internet sting operations. These stings sometimes lead to individuals facing serious internet sex crime charges.

Evidence tossed because prosecution won't divulge hacking code

It is obvious to even the casual observer that evidence is central to nearly every criminal case. But while evidence is highly important for prosecutors to provide, it is equally important for defense attorneys to discredit. And thankfully, both sides must be given the opportunity to examine evidence and to know when and how it was obtained.

Internet sex crimes charges can be the result of police entrapment

Since it first came into widespread use, the Internet has been an invaluable tool as well as a liability. Few could have predicted just how vast the Internet would become and what impact it would have on individuals, businesses and governments.

Man charged with cyberstalking a lesson for Milwaukee residents

The Internet has made it easier for people in Milwaukee and elsewhere to learn personal information about others. However, the Internet has also carved out new criminal offenses that penalize individuals for wrongly using the Internet. One of these possible criminal offenses is cyberstalking. Recently, a man has been charged with cyberstalking.

WI sheriff's deputy assists in man's arrest for child pornography

Criminal offenses involving children are severely punished in Milwaukee and elsewhere. Some of these crimes may involve police Internet sting operations which target defendants who would not have possessed child pornography had it not been for these circumstances. For some defendants facing an Internet criminal offense, entrapment may be a viable defense. Recently, a Wisconsin county sheriff's deputy assisted in arresting a man for possession of child pornography.

Milwaukee teacher faces child pornography charges

What are the penalties do people face if they are convicted of possessing child pornography? What are the present and long term consequences of being convicted of an Internet crime? How do penalties as a convicted sex offender differ from penalties as an individual convicted of child pornography? A Milwaukee teacher who was recently charged with possession of child pornography may be asking these and other similar questions.

Milwaukee man faces child pornography charges

In Milwaukee and elsewhere, Internet crimes are taken seriously and carry significant penalties. Defendants charged with an Internet offense like possession and distribution of child pornography face the same penalties as individuals who commit sex crimes unrelated to the Internet. Defendants should be aware of the possible defenses that may apply to their case; certain defenses may reduce penalties associated with an Internet crime. Recently, a Milwaukee man faces severe penalties after being charged with possession of child pornography.

Milwaukee man pleads guilty to six counts of child pornography

In cases in which those accused of serious crimes face mounting evidence, a meaningful strategic plan may be used as a way to obtain a lesser punishment. Sometimes, it may be to the defendant's advantage to plead guilty to an offense if he or she is offered a plea agreement that will reduce the possible penalties associated with the offense. Recently, a Milwaukee man pled guilty to Internet crime charges in court.

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