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Wisconsin legislators work to strengthen drunk-driving laws

Wisconsin has long been criticized by safety advocates for having some of the weakest drunk-driving laws in the nation. For instance, Wisconsin is the only state in which a first-offense conviction for operating while intoxicated can (in certain cases) be considered a civil offense rather than a criminal one.

Are you too drunk to drive? Alcohol content in drinks can be tricky

Americans love to drink alcohol, but the romance is especially strong here in Wisconsin. It's common to have a few drinks during happy hour after work or while watching a Packers game with friends. Most of us can drink in moderation and don't think we need to worry about driving home afterward.

Wisconsin OWI conviction overturned for lack of probable cause

Many Wisconsin residents are familiar with "probable cause," but not everyone understands how important it is to protecting their freedom. Simply stated, probable cause means that a police officer can't make an arrest or conduct a search unless facts known to the officer provide the basis for a reasonable person to believe that a crime was committed or that evidence of a crime would be found in the place to be searched. 

Man faces DUI allegations after an accident near Milwaukee

Drunk driving is a major problem in Wisconsin and across the country. The operation of vehicles while intoxicated causes countless problems for local residents, ranging from property damage to life-threatening injuries. Because of this, local law enforcement may take desperate measures to stop drunk drivers from wreaking havoc on Milwaukee roads. However, OWI and DUI have gained so much notoriety that drivers involved in vehicular accidents might be accused of driving drunk regardless of proof.

Police charge Milwaukee man with drunk driving after accident

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a dangerous practice that has plagued Milwaukee residents for decades. For this reason, local law enforcers are sensitive to drivers who they suspect of committing DUI violations.

Authorities accuse Milwaukee woman of committing DUI

Drunk driving comes with serious consequences in Wisconsin. This act has victimized many Milwaukee residents and authorities have made chasing down drunk drivers a top priority. With their efforts to stop the spread of DUI, officers have become more stringent in enforcing the law as they evaluate and apprehend suspected drunk drivers. Unfortunately, law enforcement personnel sometimes make mistakes in their evaluations of whether a driver is driving drunk.

Wisconsin man arrested for 6th DUI

Everyone has made decisions that have impacted their futures. However, some of these decisions may have negative consequences that may not be as easily visible in the present time. For example, making the decision to drive under the influence may mean not only having to spend the night in jail, but also future consequences including permanent criminal record and difficulty in finding future employment. Unfortunately, a man arrested for drunk driving may face these serious penalties.

Milwaukee police issue over 25 OWI charges during recent weekend

When a Wisconsin resident is accused or convicted of a criminal charge, they face consequences that vary according to the severity of the offense. However, the defendant's closest loved ones, their friends and family, may also face some new difficulties due to the defendant's offense. Family members of the defendant may assist their loved one overcome challenges, such as finding a place to live or obtaining employment. The same may be true for those convicted of driving under the influence, as the charges can create significant obstacles.

Wisconsin woman charged with DUI after almost hitting police car

In Milwaukee and elsewhere, individuals make fast decisions that may have long-term consequences on their reputations and future opportunities. Individuals facing criminal charges with significant penalties such as drunk driving should be aware of the possible defenses to reduce the present and long-term consequences of a DUI. Recently, a woman was charged with drunk driving after almost hitting a police vehicle.

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